The majority of Egyptian women live on the fringe of the society; they are almost invisible in the male dominated radar. Many of them still find themselves in a position where they are required to obey their fathers, brothers, husbands, and even sons once they mature into manhood.


Due to various cultural misinterpretations, women get bullied, belittled and considered a burden. Many families, especially in the countryside, raise their girls to toughen up and even to conceal their femininity so no one in this patriarchal society take advantage of them. Others make sure they reduce woman´s role into one single function. And despite the scary below numbers, many women in my homeland country still suffer in silence


*Silent Screams is a series of staged self-portraits exploring notions of female cultural & gender identity. Combining photography in a performative approach; both satirical and sympathetic along with the use of props, costumes and makeup. The work aims to put these females in focus and give them a voice, in an attempt to scream out loud and make visible what many of them still endure. 


* The work is shortlisted in Blurring The Lines, annual photography exhibition, edition 2019.

*Nominated for ELISAVA Professional Awards, for th same year.